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Attract New Customers

Create a compelling brand and messaging that get attention.

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Acquire New Customers

Turn prospects into customers again and again.

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Launch New Products

Get a superbly run launch and drive more sales.

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It’s a simple fact that for companies to grow and thrive, they need customers. What is not simple for most companies is how to go about accumulating those customers. With so many businesses vying for buyers’ affinity, loyalty and dollars, how does a company get noticed and remembered? With buyers able to filter and block email, web, TV, social and mobile advertising, how does a business break through the barricades? That’s where we come in.

Klein Consulting helps consumer companies attract and acquire customers and launch new products. We develop strong and compelling brands that stand out from the crowd and create messaging that gets attention. We run launches that drive sales and deploy marketing campaigns that capture new customers. Our time-tested marketing templates and tools streamline how clients go-to-market.

Turning ideas into reality. We make marketing happen!

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Our clients span the fields of high technology, health and real estate.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Castlight. It’s not overstating things to say that we couldn’t have launched Castlight Elevate without you!”
Mark Sarbiewski
Chief Marketing Officer
Castlight Health