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3 Tools to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The ad:tech Conference was recently held in San Francisco. The show, which bills itself as “The Event for Digital Marketing,” was filled with companies promoting their digital ad networks and marketplaces, ad campaign management tools and services, affiliate marketing programs and payment solutions. Email marketing vendors were also at the show. This post highlights three email solutions that caught my attention for their abilities to help improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

BriteVerify – It doesn’t matter how large an email list is if it’s filled with junk addresses. Sending emails to bad addresses wastes a marketer’s budget and can lead to problems with ISPs. BriteVerify’s technology checks the quality of a company’s contact list before a campaign is sent out to make sure that the addresses are good ones.

To help prevent the “Garbage In, Garbage Out Principle” from happening, they also offer BriteForms. As a prospect types his address into a web form, the BriteForm service checks its validity in real-time. If it’s nonexistent, perhaps due to a typo or because it’s a spam source, the submitter is immediately asked to re-type the email address. Think of all the list cleansing time that can be saved by doing point-of-submission verification!

BriteVerify’s pricing plans are on-demand and volume-based. This means that companies can try it out without much risk. There’s no contract or minimum monthly usage required. I recommend that all email marketers using ESPs that don’t provide these services evaluate BriteVerify.

RapLeaf – Behind each email address is a person with unique demographic attributes. Yet, many companies send the identical email offers to each one of their subscribers. What happens? Recipients view these emails as irrelevant and their perception of the brand that sent them goes down.

RapLeaf helps marketers learn about their audience. The company is able to determine the age, gender, location, marital status and interests of the people whose email addresses are on a list. Using this intelligence, marketers can segment their lists and tailor the offers that they send to customers. If personalized email campaigns are properly deployed using this data, higher open rates, greater customer response and increased revenues are likely to follow. This is another service worth checking out.

MarketFish – Companies that are just starting out, want to reach a new audience or expand into a new market often rent email addresses lists from list brokers. It’s the same basic model that has been used in the postal direct mail business since the Mad Men era. Enter MarketFish’s cloud-based platform. MarketFish differentiates itself by providing a central hub for renting opt-in lists from its database of 200+ addresses that can be sorted by up to 250+ filters. MarketFish also serves as an ESP, giving its customers the tools to create, refine and schedule their email campaigns, as well as track and analyze the results. If your company is shopping for an email list source, consider MarketFish.

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