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Acquire New Customers

Go After Them. Get Them to Want You.

Your company wants them. They are there to be acquired. Today they are your prospects. Tomorrow make them your customers. You have products for them to buy. They just need to be convinced to purchase what your company sells.

Today’s marketing toolbox is larger than ever. With so many online and offline marketing tactics to put into play, you want to assemble the right combination that will get your offer in front of the people who should know about it and move them through the decision making process. You also want to arm your channel partners with the tools they need to tell your company’s story as well as you can.

How Klein Consulting Helps You Acquire New Customers

Klein Consulting works with its clients to develop an effective, no nonsense approach to outbound marketing.

We provide these marketing services to help your company acquire new customers:

Lead Generation

There are so many ways to generate leads these days.  Email marketing, direct mail, webinars, podcasts, social media, events, collateral and sales tools are some of the many campaign elements to consider.

We work with you to put together the right mix in order to create highly compelling integrated marketing campaigns that get prospects to respond and engage.

Channel Marketing

Your channel partners are integral to your company’s success. They are an extension of your team, as they tout, sell and distribute your products.

These partners need to be educated and armed with the information necessary to do the best job possible for your company. We’ll create stellar marketing tools and programs that help them generate and close leads.

Customer Reference Programs

Customer Reference ProgramsYour customers have lots of credibility with your prospects. So, get those users talking! Build an ongoing program that does just that.

Klein Consulting partners with you to identify customers who will go on the public stage and recommend your brand. We’ll generate quotations, customer stories, user videos and other endorsements that your business may require. We can put your testimonial process in place and build your Customer Reference Database so that you have one-stop access to information on your brand’s biggest fans.

Word of Mouth Marketing

The internet is now the largest mass communications medium on the planet. By gifting everyone online with a “virtual megaphone,” it has made Word of Mouth Marketing more important than ever before. Friends and strangers are busy posting their opinions about an enormous range of topics. Some may even be sharing their thoughts about your company’s brand.

Be part of the conversation. Listen and respond to what’s being said. We’ll create and deploy a targeted social media program that is transparent, authentic and proactive. And we’ll make the most of the organic word of mouth that occurs in the “offline” world as well.

Make it Happen!

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