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Attract – Right

Messaging Development

Is your company speaking to its target audiences using messaging tailored to each sub-segment, or are you taking a “one size fits all” approach? Does the messaging that’s used focus primarily on the benefits or the features that your products offer? Is your company’s positioning similar to your competition’s?

In this era of distractions and Internet-induced ADD, brands that get attention are the ones that effectively speak to peoples’ specific needs and clearly explain how buying a given product is going to alleviate their pains or satisfy their desires.

Klein Consulting helps you construct messaging platforms that communicate and address the wants and needs of the customer and influencer segments that you are courting.

Messaging Development Workshop℠ – During this 1 ½ day workshop we identify your target audiences and discuss why they should be interested in what your company sells. We then go through a multi-step process to build a highly persuasive and differentiated messaging platform that is unique to your business. When the workshop concludes, this platform will be the source of messaging for all of your company’s marketing materials. It can also be used to guide the way in which your company communicates with its customers.