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Embrace the Opt-Out Moment

The previous post highlighted how NOT to manage the email opt-out process. Yes, by law all companies are supposed to follow the CAN-SPAM rules. But that doesn’t mean that your business can’t try to win its email subscribers back.

Why not seize the opportunity and make the opt-out process a positive brand experience?  A company that does an excellent job of this is Groupon.

Groupon got creative. They make a clever attempt to retain the unsubscriber immediately after a person has clicked on the unsubscribe link. Groupon’s unsubscribe confirmation page reads “We’re sorry to see you go! How sorry? Well, we want to introduce you to Derrick – he’s the guy that thought you’d enjoy receiving the Daily Groupon email.” On the page the unsubscriber sees a video image and a button to click on that reads “Punish Derrick.”

When you click on it, you watch a short, funny video showing two employees supposedly squabbling about how you joined Groupon and then decided to leave. When the video ends you are asked if you “want to make it up to Derrick” and resubscribe.

I don’t know what Groupon’s resubscribe rate is, but the company seems to take life-cycle marketing really seriously. Or, someone with a good sense of humor came up with a clever idea and voila! Either way, Groupon’s marketers do a wonderful job of attempting to engage and retain their email subscribers, legally. See for yourself and then implement a re-subscribe appeal as part of your company’s email marketing campaigns. What do you have to lose?

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