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Keys to an Effective Webinar – Part I

A webinar can be a very effective marketing vehicle for generating leads, cultivating prospects and transforming customers into evangelists. Producing a successful webinar requires that you make the right planning choices and execute well. The following are keys to preparing for and promoting an effective webinar. 

Your Goal – The first step in the planning process is to determine the purpose of the webinar. Who do you want to attract? What’s your target attendees number? What action do you want those attendees to take afterwards? The answers to these questions will help you select the appropriate topic and the ideal speakers for your webinar.

The List – You can only reach your goal if you get the right people to attend your webinar. Find them, or make it easy for them to find you. They may be in your prospect or customer databases. You may need to rent a list from a list service, a list broker or a publisher. If you plan to send out promotional emails, make sure that you rent a double opt-in email list.

Promotional Email – The promotional email should be inviting to the eye and easy to read. Make sure that the “Register Now,” or other call-to-action buttons,  stand out. Highlight the date and time so that it pops for the reader. Make sure the copy states what the invitee will learn by attending the webinar. Have an attention-grabbing opening sentence or paragraph that engages the recipient. Do some A/B testing to help select the most effective email subject line. Also advertise the webinar on your company’s website and Facebook page, in industry e-newsletters, via Twitter, to LinkedIn Groups and through other social media channels.

Landing Page – The landing page’s purpose is to get an interested party to register for the webinar. It follows that the registration form should be simple to complete and process. To tie the campaign together, the look and feel of the landing page should be the same as what was used in the promotional email. If you have two competing layouts, do some A/B testing to determine which drives the most registrations.

The text’s font size should be large enough that visitors need not strain their eyes to read it. The copy should clearly restate the “what, why and when” information using the same text as the email, adding some additional details if needed. If there’s an offer, make sure to call it out.

Reminder Emails – People are busy. Reminder emails are proven methods of reducing no shows. Send one reminder email the day before and another one hour prior to the webinar start-time. Both emails should contain links to the webinar page as well as contact information for customer service in case they need assistance.

The next post will discuss the keys to ensuring that the webinar itself is done well and that proper follow through occurs.

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