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Launch New Products

Have a Successful Launch. See Sales Soar.

Whether your company releases new products monthly, or a few times a year, a lot rides on their successful introduction. Launches are complicated undertakings. They can require an immense amount of coordination across departments and with external partners. There is little room for error.

Bring Klein Consulting in to manage your launch for you. We’ll see to it that the product is ready to go, fulfillment is able to ship, messaging consistency happens, campaigns are created, the sales team is properly prepped, customer service can delight buyers and the market is buzzing about what’s to come.

How Klein Consulting Helps You Launch Products

Klein Consulting works with it clients to develop launch strategies and to implement comprehensive launch processes.

We provide these marketing services to ensure that your launch gets off the ground in stellar fashion and drives revenue for your company.

Strategy Development

A new product is in development. Have you devised the optimal market roll-out strategy? Are your strategic discussions stalled? Do your ideas seem stale? We can help!

Klein Consulting partners with our clients to develop launch strategies that are creative, objective-focused and stand out from the pack. We facilitate brainstorming session and recommend market breakout ideas that help your company grow. Aligning your launch strategy with your company’s goals is an imperative. That the strategy be realistic to execute is an important tenet. Otherwise, why bother taking a strategy from the whiteboard to the real world?


Inspired launch ideas and enthusiasm for them count for a great deal. But without a solid plan, operational and organizational chaos can ensue. We build launch plans that take your strategy from ideas, to reality, to results.

Knowing that overly complicated planning documents can stymie a project, we have developed a collection of easy-to-use planning templates. We’ll tailor a planning template specifically for your company and then guide you through the process of creating a market-moving launch plan.

Project Management

The best strategies and plans can be for naught if a launch is poorly executed. Klein Consulting knows how to bring structure and process to complex launches that might otherwise be unruly.

We are master conductors. Managing the full life-cycle of a launch, we guide cross-functional teams through what can be a complicated coordination effort. From setting schedules, to managing budgets, to driving brand consistency, to making contingency plans, we take a holistic view of each launch. Our time-tested portfolio of project management templates and tools help ensure that launches comes together as expected and make the impact in the market that our clients desire.


At the outset of the launch process, marketers need to decide what it is they are trying to accomplish. What is the goal of the launch? How is “success” defined?

Klein Consulting’s approach is to put quantifiable metrics in place during the initial stages of the launch process. That way team members understand what they are working together to achieve. Whether its revenue, units sold, market share, brand awareness or some other objectives, identifying them early and putting analytics in place to measure the launch’s performance against the targets is critical. Have us work with your team to track some meaningful results!

Make It Happen!

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"Klein Consulting is a key partner that is not afraid to ask the tough questions or challenge conventional thinking. Their strategic thinking and tactical execution allows us to stay ahead of the competition."
Larry Barasch
CEO, Intuitive Environment