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Marketing Tools at Macworld 2013

macworldmoscone2013Just as I did last year, I attended Macworld 2013 recently to scout out interesting and innovative software, apps and accessories that have been created to help marketers market.

The tradeshow was slightly smaller than in 2012. While there were still plenty of vendors selling iPod and iPhone accessories, there seemed to be fewer of them. In the Expo Hall there were products as varied as the bottle opener iPhone case, to the Chef Sleeve Cutting Board with iPad Stand to the iPad-carrying robot by Double Robotics

Amongst it all there were three marketing solutions that stood for me.

BUZZcard – For many companies, video has become an essential marketing tool. BUZZcard’s easy-to-use service helps small businesses easily create professionally branded videos without them having to invest in any editing or production software.

BUZZcard seems to be a very straightforward service. You provide your logo artwork to BUZZcard and any standard text that you’d like to appear at the beginning and conclusion of your videos. Then you film your video. Upload it to BUZZcard via the iPhone app. Select a music track you’d like to use. BUZZcard will add the branded animated wrapper that gives a professional and consistent look to your video. Next, upload your branded video to YouTube and post or share it on whichever websites you choose.

Founded in Australia, the company has recently relocated its headquarters to Silicon Valley. BUZZcard offers a 30 day free trial. The standard pricing is $9.95 per month for a one year subscription, or $14.95 for a month-to-month subscription.

Direct Mail for Mac – Marketers have many email marketing system providers to choose from these days. What makes Direct Mail for Mac unique is that it’s an app for Mac OS X that sits on the desktop and provides quick access to an array of email and newsletter templates.

Use drag & drop to easily insert images into the template of your choosing. Test to see what the email will look like in over 30 email clients and test the spam score before sending it. When you’re ready to push out the campaign, do so using the company’s high-speed e3 Delivery Service or use your own email server.

Pay nothing for the first 50 emails you send each month. Then, pay-as-you go, or sign up for a monthly plan depending on the size and frequency of your email campaigns.

iPresent – What company doesn’t want to help their sales teams sell as effectively as possible? It behooves businesses that have a suite of marketing materials to co-locate all their assets and make it simple for the sales teams to access them. That’s where iPresent comes in.

iPresent is a iPad-based platform with a Content Management System (CMS) backend that enables you to organize all your company’s sales materials in one place and have your sales team deliver presentations to prospects using an intuitive and attractive user interface.

Here’s how it works. The marketing team uploads sales tools and materials for the field to use into the CMS. The sales person downloads the iPresent app on her iPad. Prior to a sales call, she logs into the app and selects the sales materials, or sub-sections of them, that she wants to use at her upcoming sales call. During the meeting she presents the testimonial videos, product demonstrations, product specs, etc., from her presentation platform, the iPad.

Marketers who have had challenges getting salespeople to download the most current sales materials will like iPresent’s version control capabilities. They can easily push out newer versions of the white papers, product videos or other materials they’ve recently published through the CMS. The sales team synchs to get the updates.

iPresent offers a 30 day free trial for its subscription service. Pricing is tiered, with the standard level costing $21/month, the Pro level costing $30/month and the Enterprise level costing $50/month. All pricing is per user.

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