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Marketing Tools at Macworld 2012

I recently attended Macworld 2012 to check out the software, apps and accessories being promoted at the show that marketers can use to help us do our jobs.

The tradeshow was filled with companies selling iPhone and iPad covers and cases, headsets, speakers, smartphone cleaners, scanners, styluses and printers. Fortunately, in amongst all of those companies’ booths were some occupied by businesses with unique solutions that marketers can benefit from using. This post highlights the ones that I thought were standouts at the show.

AquafadasAquafadas’ Digital Publishing System is intended to streamline the process of creating apps. It enables graphic designers to take existing assets, such as collateral, videos, audio and images and incorporate them into apps that can run on iOS and Android. There are all sorts of marketing use cases for this publishing system. It can be used to extend web-based marketing promotional materials onto salespeople’s tablets and smartphones. It can be used to train salespeople on new products. It can be used to make print and e-zine content mobile. It can be used in plenty of other ways as well.

Aquafadas’ AVE Appfactory, its desktop application for generating customized apps, is free to download. Appfactory guides the designer through every step of the app creation process. No coding is necessary. According to the company, “when an app and its content are ready, you just pay a one-time, life-time fee for your app and your publication.” Prices start at $150 for an app and $350 for publication.”

Quickoffice – Many companies are using iPads as their preferred platform for customer presentations these days. But Microsoft has not released a version of its Office Suite for the iPad platform yet. Quickoffice solves the problem of creating and editing Office files on an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Let’s say you are getting ready to show a Power Point presentation to a customer. You’ve transferred it to your iPad and are using a reader app, such as GoodReader, to show it. Unexpectedly, just a few minutes before the meeting, you learn that some of the customer data in the presentation is inaccurate. You need to quickly edit your presentation, but how? Pre-Quickoffice you’d need to use your laptop or desktop to make the changes and then transfer the new file to your iPad. That’s a lot to do under pressure.

Quickoffice does away with that massive inconvenience. It allows users to create and edit Power Point files on the iPad and other mobile devices. This app also delivers similar functionality for Word and Excel files. Additionally, Quickoffice provides integrated access to cloud services, such as DropboxBox.netHuddle, and SugarSync, so users can get the files they need from wherever they may happen to be.

Prices range from zero for QuickOffice Lite for the iPhone to $19.99 (special offer rate – regularly $24.99) for Quickoffice Pro HD for the iPad and Android tablets. The iOS versions of the product are available in the App Store.

Game Your Video – These days it seems that people would rather watch a video than read text to learn about a company, a product or whatever else they’re interested in. This means that there are all sorts of uses for videos in marketing campaigns. But the cost of creating professional quality videos can exceed businesses’ budgets. Many companies are looking for inexpensive tools to produce and edit videos. In a previous post in which I wrote about videos and product launches, I offered suggestions of low cost creation and editing tools for budget-conscious businesses.

I’m adding the Game Your Video app to the list. This app adds a gamification approach to video editing. Using an interface inspired by a video game control unit, you can add motion effects, add audio filters and sounds and apply image filters that change the video’s mood. It seems incredibly easy to use and is very reasonably priced. Global Delight has created this app to run on the iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch. It costs only $1.99 and is available in the App Store.

Powis iCase – Marketers know that it’s wise to have a selection of gifts for salespeople to give out to prospects and customers. Some companies also like to give their employees items that have their company’s logo on it. With so many people regarding their smart devices as business-critical lifelines, it makes a lot of sense to have corporate gifts for mobile platforms.

That’s where Powis comes in. Powis iCase sells company branded iPad covers that are attractive and well made. Customization can be done on the inside cover, outside front cover and spine. The custom designed cases are made of leather and cost $79.95 for a single order.


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