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Promote Your Company Vision – Part II

The previous post discussed how marketing campaigns that are inspired by company visions are not prevalent these days. A company vision is a business’ forward-thinking declaration of its aspirations for the future.

Promote Your Company Vision – Part I” provided tips for how to market your company vision as a means of promoting your brand, attracting and retaining customers and differentiating your business. Here are two more marketing tips:

Bring It to Life

The saying “a pictures is worth a thousand words” conveys the notion that complex ideas can be conveyed more easily with images. That adage definitely applies to company visions. Video is a fantastic tool to use for this purpose.

Videos are less expensive to produce than they use to be. They are easily to distribute via YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing platforms and they go viral faster than most any other medium. Why not create a company video that captures your company’s vision for the future?

Interviews are one approach to take. You can film executives sharing how the company vision guides their business decisions. You can also feature employees discussing how they are personally inspired by the vision.

Some corporations have the financial ability to produce high-end films that portray a world in which the companies’ visions have become a reality. Here are two superb examples of company visions brought to life via videos.

The first is by Corning, the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. It is called “A Day Made of Glass.”

The second video campaign is by Honda. It consists of a series of short documentaries titled “Dream the Impossible.” This dream-based thematic complements Honda’s current vision-inspired tagline, “Powered by Dreams.”

Talk About It

Your company has a vision for a better future that it wants to help shape. Get out and tell the world about it! Does your business have an evangelist or executive on staff whose job it is to share this message? Have him/her blog and tweet in support of the vision. Create a speaker series and arrange for executives or evangelists to give lectures or participate on panels about relevant topics.

Are there other experts in the market whose research or interests support your company’s vision? Hold a series of webcasts or in-person events featuring these subject matter experts. Record the talks and then package them as podcasts. Put the podcasts on your website and market them to existing and prospective customers.

Actively promoting your business’ vision will give the public greater insight into the essence of your company. People who find your company vision compelling will have another reason to believe in your brand and become loyal customers.


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