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So Much To Do Well

The marketing demands on companies today are greater than ever. There are many marketing options available these days, but often fewer resources available to work with. And yet, it is more important than ever to create effective marketing strategies that get customers to embrace your company’s brand and buy its products. How do you do it all?

Questions to Consider

With so much at stake and so much to do, company executives contemplate questions such as these:

  • Would I benefit from adding some fresh thinking to my marketing strategy discussions?
  • Am I ready to adopt an easy-to-use approach for creating, or updating, my company’s marketing plan?
  • Is it time to refresh my company’s brand so that it communicates who we are today and not who we used to be?
  • Should my company implement innovative marketing campaigns and programs that will increase our brand awareness, generate leads and result in more sales?
  • Do I need project management talent who will make sure that all the preparation for an upcoming launch gets done flawlessly?
  • Should I put marketing processes and tools in place that will help the team function as a well-tuned marketing operation?

A Simple Answer

If your answer to any of the questions posed is “YES,” then Klein Consulting can help!

Klein Consulting provides marketing services that enable our clients to launch new products and attract and acquire new customers. We are dedicated to delivering our clients’ desired marketing results.  Using a virtual agency model, we offer marketing services that are geared to making sure that your company has a strong brand that is known in your market, that customers flock to it and talk positively about it and that they come back to buy from you again and again. We can also provide marketing templates and tools that help streamline how your team goes-to-market.

Learn more about the services we offer to help your company achieve its marketing objectives:

Attract New Customers
Brand Development
Messaging Development
Acquire New Customers
Demand Generation
Word of Mouth Marketing
Partner Marketing
Retain Valued Customers
Programs for:
Customer Engagement
Customer Reference
Customer Evangelist

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"Jodi's smart, has a deep understanding of marketing, and is a strong leader who is able to rally teams to execute like nobody's business. Her efforts resulted in thousands of new customers, our highest revenue generating campaigns and a database filled with prospects for us to convert over time. If you want to make sure it gets done and done right, put Klein Consulting on it".
Eric Mann
VP, Marketing (former), Posit Science